Guests in August

We have 7 new guests in August from 5 countries: the Philippines, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and USA.  Everybody presented their works after a great potluck dinner last Monday. Now starts the period of exploring the neighborhood and and getting inspired by the environment. We have also interns, two art students from the Fine Art department of the Iceland Academy of the Arts; Daníel Perez Eðvarðsson and Mina Tomic.

  1. Amie Adelman, Fiber artist, Texas, USA  –
  2. Maja Ingerslev, artist, Denmark –
  3. Lauren Coulson, painter, Boston, USA –
  4. Gerd Endestad, visual artist,  Norway –
  5. Golda King, painter, Cebu, Philippines
  6. Dr. Linda Buckley, composer, Dublin, Ireland –
  7. Jasna Bogdanovska, Assistant Professor of Photography, Rochester, New York, USA –


For those still thinking about coming to Gullkistan we still have a few vacancies from October to December 2014.

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July guests

Midnight fishing

For july we have 9 new guests and some of them our first in the new houses. The first weekend we had a great pot luck dinner where we also had some other guests with us.

Then our guests went to work and so did we, there is still a lot of little things to do.

Despite all kinds of weather there was a chance to go midnight fishing in the lake and to go for a highland trip with a new tour company in Laugarvatn. It is amazing how close we are to the naked wilderness…

  1. Andrea DeJong – visual artist, Iowa City, USA – 
  2. Alexander Sigman, multimedia and music, S- Kórea –
  3. Ellis Mhairi Cameron, Designer, jewelry aaker, Scotland –
  4. Ruitong Zhao, new media, DC, USA
  5. Karl Grohmann, composer, USA –
  6. Kelvin Mason, artist, Chicago, USA –
  7. Geetanjali Shree, writer, New Delhi, India –
  8. Sudhir Chandra, historian, New Delhi, India -
  9. Lauren Baines, choreographer, performance artist, San Jose, C:A, USA –

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Eventful june

IMG_7038June is the month when the sun gets the highest and stays around the longest.

On june 14th we opened an exhibition called laNDSLag / laNDSCape with artworks by 22 artists. In respect of Þórarinn B. Þorláksson the landscape painter who so much loved to work here early last century.

That same day there was the 10th annual Gold Sprint that started on the Gullkistan Art Festival in 2005. Now with 200 participants and once again two new records.

We celebrated Independence day on June the 17th and enjoyed the charity fund raising – coffee and cakes – of the very important Women’s Society of Laugarvatn.

Our guests travelled and worked and before they left we had an open studio where they shared what they had been up to. As always they all surprized us and inspired us. Thank you all!

Ian Van Coller, photographer,  USA –
Virginia Griswold, artist – Tennessee, USA –
Morgan Higby-Flowers, New Media artist, Tennessee, USA
Ginny Krueger, painter and sculptor, Grays lake. Illinois USA –
Shelby Prindaville, artist, Leavenworth, USA –
Sophie Salleron, artist, poet and storyteller, Oléron, Charterer-maritime, France

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Culture Grant

Once again we are grateful for having received a grant from the South Iceland Culture Board. It is truly of much value that official funds understand the importance of what we are doing. We will do our best to keep up the good work. Many thanks!

At the same time we finish the “feel welcome touch” to KISTAN the new home of guests arriving in july. Thereby starting a new important chapter in the history of Gullkistan!

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Rutgers students

IMG_6533The Rutgers University in New Jersey USA collaborated with Gullkistan on an eventful course on Nature as Metaphore. There were 17 students and 2 professors, they stayed in Laugarvatn for 8 days and for 2 days in Reykjavík. The group had lectures on Iceland and Icelandic art, worked on various projects, travelled and had all kinds of adventures. They will never be the same… nor will we.

We are endless grateful for the trust they showed us and the fun we all had and we look forward to more groups like this one!

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Eventful May

IMG_6510May was incredibly eventful! Wonderful guests worked hard on their art and we worked hard on our new house.

Later we will post news about visitors we had in the end of the month.

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The creative explorers

IMG_6129While we have been busy the last months with getting Miðstöðin ready for a grand opening our artists are all working hard and enjoying themselves.

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Ready to go!

April gestir

From left, Erin, Anika, Anne, Laurita, Emily (Emma’s assistant), Kelley and Emma.

Spring surely is in the air, snow melts away and birds come from faraway and sing so happily all around.
Just like the birds these women have flown from Australia, America and Europe and they sing their own songs!

Erin Canady, artist,  Asheville, USA
Anika Steppe, cinema and photography, Ithaca, NY, USA –
Anne Carli, cinema and photography, Atlanta, GA, USA – recent project
Laurita Siles Ceballos, artist, Andalucia, Spain
Emma Mc Evoy, Fine art photographer, Australia –
Kelley Schei, artist, Denver, CO, USA –


5 year anniversary!

IMG_8226We had a wonderful opening with Baniprosonno’s works as we celebrated Gullkistan’s 5 year anniversary. More than 100 people came by on a beautiful day. The exhibition will be open on the weekends this month.
“Thank you Bani for your incredible support of Gullkistan! We missed you!”

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Working hard…


January and February were calm. Joe traveled and photographed in some real winter weather. Mary was spoiled with northern lights. Now Erin and Maya have arrived and they will be enjoying the coming of spring we hope.

At the same time the Gullkistan clan is working hard to make the new house ready. Click read more here below to see how hard we all are working towards our goals and the beauty all around us.

Joe Decker,nature photographer, author and educator, CA, USA - – see his blog here
Mary Rasmussen, artist, CA, USA –
Erin Canady, artist,  Asheville, USA -
Maya Alberta Horton, Painter and Textile Designer, Newcastle upon Tyne, England – Facebook

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