Happy new year!

Happy New Year! Gullkistan welcomes new guests and we hope they will have a wonderful stay and good time to work.

2016 – 2017

Gullkistan wants to thank you all for an incredible year and send our best regards. In 2009, the first year we received guests, 9 guests stayed with us. This year, 2016, the total number has risen to 61. School groups, open house, exhibitions, lectures in local schools and workshops are also things we planned this year. Without your great support, open mind and participation this fairy tale would not have been possible. Thanks!

Winter – open call!


In December, January and February we have single and double rooms available for visual artists, musicians, scholars or others interested in staying with with us at Gullkistan in Iceland.

Iceland is a land of great contrasts with unpredictable natural forces like strong wind, cold air, snow storms or just calm and beautiful weather, starry nights and occasional northern lights. We offer a peaceful place in the middle of the Golden Circle, only one hour from the capital, Reykjavík.

There is a possibility of a two week stay or more. Send us email at gullkistan@gullkistan.is and we will answer all your questions.

Single room for one month 850€

Double room for one month 1050€

Apply here!

Endless rain


October was warmer and more wet than ever according to specialists. Therefore maybe there was not much to do other than work!

Our artists in october:


Artists of the future!


An enthusiastic group of children from the Laugarvatn Kindergarten came for a visit to Gullkistan. They walked through the wind and sleet, met all the artists at their work and heard about them and their work. The children asked many questions and were happy. Before leaving they took part in a play with ink on paper and made their own images.


The first frost


September brought us glimpses of winter sky and frost. We thank Gabrielle some photographs that show us the many colors of a beginning fall.
We visited the sheep gathering at Reykjaréttir.
Gabrielle and Kirsty visited the local high school, ML, where they talked about their work and gave them small assignments. It was greatly appreciated by students and the teacher!
All was splendid.

Seasonal swift


By the end of August we had an open house where our August guests showed their works. The name of the exhibition was Color, text and film where two documentaries were shown, book art, paintings, drawings along with singing and story telling. Our new September guests also consist of artists from various fields; one writer, puppy artist, sculpture artist and a choreographer. Most of our guests have had the chance to travel and enjoy the beauty of the summer and the autumn colors now prevailing.

August guests:

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July sunshine


Gullkistan artists for july were the following.

At the end of the month there was an exhibition and readings as seen on the following photos.



MCC photography course


Photography artist and professor Jasna Bogdanovska is a former residency artist of Gullkistan. She brought her students at Monroe Community College in Rochester NY for a 9 day course called “Photographic Explorations of Culture, Landscape and Myth in Iceland”. 

In june the days are endless and the weather was perfect. The students had lectures on Icelandic art and culture, they worked hard on their projects, travelled and enjoyed themselves hiking and having a good time. Along with the group were members of MCC staff and board of directors.


Shorter stays







In june we invited those who only can spare time for shorter periods. We had many great enthusiastic artists who all got a lot of work done. One even made it all around the lake in the annual Golden Sprint run, our first guest to do so!

Adrienne Callander who stayed at Gullkistan in 2013 returned with a fellow artist for a special project.

In june we also had a group from MCC and professor Jasna Bogdanovska a former Gullkistan artist (see more in another post). She met with Margery Amdur who came for a short visit, also a former guest who has brought us two school groups from Rutgers University in New Jersey. What a june it was!