End of spring activities

IMG_2687Thanks to everyone who has survived the long so called spring with all its cold winds.

We welcome new guests and wish them a good stay with the disappearing nights, newborn lambs and green ground.

  • Dawna Rose, visual artist, Saskatoon, Canada
  • Ian Dowle,  painter, Saskatoon, Canada
  • Sara Wuillermin, writer, USA
  • Yeo Wei Wei, writer, Singapore
  • Chelsea Baranski, MFA student – visual artist, Texas, USA

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April guests & Renovation – part 2

New ideas, contacts, thoughts and people. In April our guests are from all over the world welcomed by a winter of many faces; one day with storm, another day with snow, the third day with sun showing glimpses of spring. Our new residency building undergoes a facelift with new windows and a new south side door. All credit goes to Jón and his friend Friðjón who managed all this in one day at the same time there was a snow storm.

Sheeba, Shania Angel , Dinesh and Angelinah Mariah

Jarryd, Jaya, Susan, Judith, Beth and Tosca.

Jarryd Luke, writer, Townsville, Australia – www.twpc.org
Jaya Padmanabhan, writer/editor, California, USA – jayapadmanabhan.com
Susan Williams ARBS, visual art, UK – www.susanwilliams-art.info
Judith Nicholson, artist, Scotland – judithnicholson.co.uk
Beth Legg, applied artist/jewellery maker, Scotland, UK – www.bethlegg.com
Tosca Teran, visual/audio artist, Toronto, Canada – www.toscateran.com
Dinesh Patel, author and poet, Goa, India with is wife, Sheeba Coutinho Patel and daughters
Shnaia Angel Patel (writer – just published her first book at age 12) and Angeliah Mariah Patel (2 years old)

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The first two months have passed with one blizzard following another. Same goes for our guests, one comes after the other, equally creative and surprizing.

In february we all went to the Thorrablot for a dance in the gym and singing in the showers! At the end of february there was an open studio where our guests told us about their work.

Since mid january Maria has been documenting the people in the valley at work which is a collaboration project between her and Gullkistan, others are working on their own things.

Guests in february:
Erica Kremenak, California, USA – ekremenak.com, Jamie Russom, Visual artist, Glasgow, UK –  www.jamierussom.com, Stephanie Clark, painter, USA, Laura Jean Campbell, visual artis, Oro Medonte, Canada, Isha Hening, motion graphics artist and Jakarta, Indonesia – www.ishahening.com

And now we welcome our guests of march:
Lucia Dillman, visual artist, San Francisco, USA, Khara Deurhof, photographer, Mackay, Australia – www.houseoflucie.com , Emily Gregory, playwright, Oregon, USA – emilymikagregory.wix.com/emilygregory  and Jarryd Luke, writer, Townsville, Australia – www.twpc.org

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Crisp winterdays


2015-01-17 12.57.27

Jen, Ari, Ann and Kristveig at Gullfoss waterfall

It is sometimes cold, often sunny and always beautiful in winter!

As the sun starts getting up earlier every day and we wake up from the dark we dig into photos and good memories from the past autumn months. See the photos if you click on read more here below.

It was great to have Andrea Krupp with us again. She shared work she made in Philadelphia after she was with us last year and made a course in wood carving.

Katie Mayfield writer who was with us for 3 months spent time with the local high school kids building characters into their stories.

Rachael Siminowitch allowed us to share photos of some of her works.

January artists:
Ann Synesthesia Koi, fine artist/writer, Olympia, USA – www.moritorium.com/koi/
Jennifer Pui Sze Choy, visual artist, Hong Kong / UK – www.choypuisze.com
Maria Neal, photographic student, Helsinki, Finland, intern.

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Happy new year!


Is december black and white?


Hero of the month, Rachael Siminovitch, visual artist from Dawson City in Canada – Information about her art. rachaelsiminovitch.com

The light of winter is like no other and these photos even have a dash of moonlight in them. Click on read more to find out more. Read More »

Autumn leaves

Louise's work table

Louise’s work table

September marks the end of summer. Our guests came from both sides of the Atlantic ready to work… and so they did. In the end of the month they presented their incredible work. Some of it on the walls, some on computer screens. As always we are amazed.

In the end of the month we also had the privilege to screen the movie L for Leisure by Lev Kalman and Whit Horn. Certainly an honor for Gullkistan to be a part of it’s making.

Ben Valentine our intern for the month left us one handed, we thank him for all the great help!

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In Between: Drawing on Nature. Robert A. Emmons Jr.

A good start


This summer we had interns to help us with the many things that need to be taken care of. In the end of august they all made it into one photo! From left Mina Tomic, Daníel Perez Eðvarðsson, Sigríður Gísladóttir and Ben Valentine.

We got great help from Ingvar who painted the roof. Good as new it is now!

September brings us 9 new people, ready to start something new…

  1. Lilian Day Suber Thorpe, photographer, Brooklyn, USA – www.lilianday.com
  2. Louise Martin, textile artist, Scotland – www.louisemartintapestry.com
  3. Anna Orbovich, printmaking and book arts, Minnesota, USA – www.annaeorbovich.com
  4. Laura Marconi, artist, Italy/USA – marconilaura.com 
  5. Katherine Mayfield, fiction writer and illustrator, Virginia, USA – www.katherine-mayfield.com
  6. Hannah Perrine Mode, artist and designer, NY, USA –  www.hannahpmode.com
  7. Emily Eddy, video artist, Chicago, USA – emily-eddy.com
  8. Karina Guevin, glass-artist, Montreal, Canada – www.karinaguevin.com
  9. Cédric Ginart, glass-artist, Montreal, Canada  – www.cedricginart.com

Look at photographs from the roof and from open house.

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Guests in August

We have 7 new guests in August from 5 countries: the Philippines, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and USA.  Everybody presented their works after a great potluck dinner last Monday. Now starts the period of exploring the neighborhood and and getting inspired by the environment. We have also interns, two art students from the Fine Art department of the Iceland Academy of the Arts; Daníel Perez Eðvarðsson and Mina Tomic.

  1. Amie Adelman, Fiber artist, Texas, USA  – www.amieadelman.com
  2. Maja Ingerslev, artist, Denmark – www.majaingerslev.com
  3. Lauren Coulson, painter, Boston, USA – www.laurencoulson.com
  4. Gerd Endestad, visual artist,  Norway – www.gerdendestad.com
  5. Golda King, painter, Cebu, Philippines –www.goldaking.com
  6. Dr. Linda Buckley, composer, Dublin, Ireland – www.lindabuckley.org
  7. Jasna Bogdanovska, Assistant Professor of Photography, Rochester, New York, USA – www.jasnabogdanovska.com


For those still thinking about coming to Gullkistan we still have a few vacancies from October to December 2014.

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