July guests


Six hard working July artists share a potluck dinner. From Left, Rebecca, Alda,  Sarita, Ari, Saskia, Kristveig, Jón, Kelsie and Kári under the table. Aimee and Vanessa are not in the photo.



Gullkistan on the ring road!


Wonderful group of guest´s have been with us in May from all over the world!


Welcome and Farewell

Mary, Estafania, An and Carlotte_web
Mary and Estefania who have just arrived, An, who is leaving soon, and Charlotte who is not ready to leave yet.

  • Charlotte Simpson, writer, New York, USA
  • An Sokolovska, social scientist, Cambridge MA, USA
  • Mary Frances Coady, fiction writer, Toronto, Canada – www.maryfrancescoady.com
  • Estefania Santiago, visual communicator and filmmaker, Argentina – www.estefaniasantiago.com.ar


Writers and composers


We welcome our new guests for March and hope they will be inspired by the winter scenery, including the dance of the northern lights.

Alexander Sigman, multimedia and composer, USA /Japan – www.lxsigman.com

Charlotte Simpson, writer, New York, USA

Amanda Feery, composer,  New York, USA – www.amandafeery.com

An Sokolovska, social scientist, Cambridge MA, USA


Short periods available in June 2016


Time to recharge in endless daylight in beautiful south Iceland?
Short periods available in june.

Description of residency program
Artists can apply for shorter periods then one month in June.

Duration of residency
8 – 13 days

Fees and support
Due to special circumstances we are now offering the following spaces available in June 2016 :

1. Single / Double room – June  5th  to 12th  =   8 days, 250 € / 300 €  –  270 $ / 325 $
2. Single / Double room – June 21st to  31st = 10 days, 300 € / 325 $  –  350 € / 380 $
3. Single room – June   1st to 13th  = 13 days, 370 € / 425 $

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All creative artists, writers and scholars

Shared house, single or double room.

Studio/ workspace
Shared studio –  http://www.gullkistan.is/studio-2/

Expectations towards the artist
We welcome all creative artists who are looking for inspiration in a beautiful and calm setting.

Application information
Send application via this site; http://www.gullkistan.is/application-form/

Photo catch up from 2015


2015 was a big year for us. We had many great artists with us working and sharing their creative energy in many different ways. We had a big exhibition to celebrate our 20 year anniversary. We also moved out of Eyvindartunga after 5 wonderful years there and settled with all our activities in the Center, cuddled by the mountain side with a beautiful view over the lake and the whole of south Iceland in front of us. Winter was beautiful as always and every moment was cherished.
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Happy New Year 2016!


Dear Gullkistan friends,

We wish you all a Happy New Year 2016!
Thank you all for choosing our residency in the past and for the wonderful time we have had together.

Below are few recent pictures of artists, their works and beautiful winter scenes from Laugarvatn. Click read more. Read More »

Gullkistan 20 ár / years

IMG_1223On july 19th Gullkistan and The LÁ Art Museum in Hveragerði opened an art exhibition celebrating the 20 year history of Gullkistan. It will be up until september 20th, open every day from 1-6 pm and entrance is free.

The curator for the art exhibition is Ben Valentine, a former resident of Gullkistan. He chose artworks by 24 artists from over 400 who have either taken part in the Gullkistan Art Festivals in 1995 and 2005 or worked at tha Gullkistan artist residency. Quite a task and he did a great job with it! Thank you Ben!

Besides the art exthibition there are presentations of photos from the history of Gullkistan. Books by artists and catalogs are on display. One work in progress, Inside Laugarvatn, is on display as well, showing photos of the people in the Laugardalur valley at work. There is a workstation for those eager to put something on paper and hang on a wall.

During the exhibition there will be occasional related events we will announce on facebook.

The artists: Alda Sigurðardóttir, Jasna Bogdanovska, Linda Buckley, Alfredo De Stéfano, Eygló Harðardóttir, Virginia Griswold, Harpa Árnadóttir, Hjörtur Hjartarson, Hlynur Hallsson, Erica Kremenak, Kristín Reynisdóttir, Kristveig Halldórsdóttir, Keiko Kurita , Catherine Ludwig, Joan Perlman, Raom & Loba, Sara Björnsdóttir , Soffía Sæmundsdóttir, Anika Steppe & Anne Carlin , Alexandra Strada, Lilian Day Thorpe and Gabrielle Vitollo.

Inside Laugarvatn: Maria Emilia Neal

We are grateful to all who have helped make Gullkistan into what it is.

Photos from the event can be seen by clicking on…  Read More »

Fruity June


June was a month of very visible work. It isn’t always like that, as when we have writers and photographers together! Below are photos from the work process and from an exhibition held at the Eyvindartunga studio. See for yourself!

On june 17th we celebrate Independence day. This year it was a special day for Gullkistan because 20 years from then we opened the first Gullkistan art festival in Laugarvatn!

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Midsummer night

We have started the celebrations of our 20 year anniversary and hiked to the top of Gullkistan / The Chest of Gold.

Did we find the hidden treasure? What is a treasure if not just this!

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