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April gestir

From left, Erin, Anika, Anne, Laurita, Emily (Emma’s assistant), Kelley and Emma.

Spring surely is in the air, snow melts away and birds come from faraway and sing so happily all around.
Just like the birds these women have flown from Australia, America and Europe and they sing their own songs!

Erin Canady, artist,  Asheville, USA
Anika Steppe, cinema and photography, Ithaca, NY, USA –
Anne Carli, cinema and photography, Atlanta, GA, USA – recent project
Laurita Siles Ceballos, artist, Andalucia, Spain
Emma Mc Evoy, Fine art photographer, Australia –
Kelley Schei, artist, Denver, CO, USA –


5 year anniversary!

We had a wonderful opening with Baniprosonno’s works as we celebrated Gullkistan’s 5 year anniversary. More than 100 people came by on a beautiful day. The exhibition will be open on the weekends this month.
“Thank you Bani for your incredible support of Gullkistan! We missed you!”

Gullkistan 5 years old 1 of April!

Mars 29 – 30 we have opening of new facilities with a exhibition of Baniprosonno´s work´s.



Working hard…


January and February were calm. Joe traveled and photographed in some real winter weather. Mary was spoiled with northern lights. Now Erin and Maya have arrived and they will be enjoying the coming of spring we hope.

At the same time the Gullkistan clan is working hard to make the new house ready. Click read more here below to see how hard we all are working towards our goals and the beauty all around us.

Joe Decker,nature photographer, author and educator, CA, USA - – see his blog here
Mary Rasmussen, artist, CA, USA –
Erin Canady, artist,  Asheville, USA -
Maya Alberta Horton, Painter and Textile Designer, Newcastle upon Tyne, England – Facebook

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Thank you Seeds!


Founded in 2005, SEEDS Iceland is an Icelandic non-governmental, non-profit  volunteer organisation designed to promote intercultural understanding, environmental protection and awareness through work on environmental, social and cultural projects within Iceland.

They arrived on december 11th and the first day they helped us get some furniture from a nearby farm. They worked hard, had a tourist day, got to know each other and we got to know them. How rich we are to now have them all as our friends, we are forever grateful.

Below (click read more) are photos from before their arrival and during their stay. Read More »

Cold days with sun!


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On cold and sunny days the snow can have so many colours.

Bani, Putul and the other kids!

IMG_4845Enjoy photos from the workshop we had for kids the other day with Baniprosonno and Putul.
Branches turned into phantastic animals, all kinds of animals came out of a felt pen.
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Gullkistan expands

Miðstöðin og KistanThe big news is that Gullkistan has just bought two buildings in Laugarvatn that stand right next to each other, on the east side of the Laugarvatn village.

We will soon start clearing out everything and then start to put in things as we want to have them. There is lots of work to do as you can imagine but we are very optimistic to be able to get it ready before the new year!

It will be a Creative Center where there will be room for more people to stay and working spaces for them. There will also be rooms for exhibitions, lectures, work spaces for groups etc. It is our hope to be able to have courses there and seminars. The residents will be living in Kistan, the brown house, where there are 4 bedrooms, 3 downstairs and one upstairs with a balconey. A work studio and spaces for the other activities will be in the white building, Miðstöðin.

We hereby ask you all to think about how you yourselves could benefit from this expansion? Could you bring over groups to work on short and intense projects? We are already working on some ideas and welcome more.

The Eyvindartunga farm will still be a part of the residency, this is an addition to that.

October action

IMG_4402Sometimes photos say it all…

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“Wizard of Oz”


The month of october is full of colour, autumn palette was at its best and now the sky has given us the wonders of playful colors and light.
Our guest Jennifer took some amazing photos and said it reminded her of The Wizard of Oz.

Andrea is out working a lot, traveling with her gear, gazing and collecting. Here one photo from her.
Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 10.30.55 AM

Liisa has spent some time finishing her paper to get the teacher licence. Now she has settled in the studio, happy of course.

Jennifer Globush, artist, Ontario, Canada
Liisa Hilsavuori, installation art, Helsinki, Finland –
Andrea Krupp, painter, Philadelphia, USA –