Accommodation and fees

Application form for downloading and sending as attachment is here:


850 € Small single room, one studio space included
950 € Single room, one studio space included
1150 € Double room, one studio space included
1450 € Double room with extra studio space

Apartment, if available send email to


Gullkistan is located on the edge of the Laugarvatn village just off the main road. The main building, The Center, is comprised of work spaces, computer room and bedrooms, bathrooms and a kitchen. The other house is a log cabin we call Kistan. It houses bedrooms, bathroom, living room and a kitchen. All within easy walking distance from the town center, grocery shop and bus stop, swimming pool etc.

Minimum stay is one month but if you are interested in a shorter stay please contact us.

Gullkistan is very family friendly and we accept applications the whole year round!

Payment Residency guests have to pay half the fee, confirmation fee, as written in the letter of acceptance and the rest of the fee two months before arrival. If fees are not paid before right time, the space will be offered to other applicants. If you cancel your stay three months before your planned arrival and have already payed the confirmation fee we will pay you back half of it. After that there is no refund.

Other activities Gullkistan has also been a place for seminars, courses in art, exhibitions of art and open studios. The guests so far are mostly visual artists as well as writers, composers, musicians, designers, photographers, filmmakers and scientists.