Laugarvatn is around 70 km from Reykjavík, placed midways between Þingvellir and Geysir – in the heart of the Golden Circle. The shortest way from Reykjavík lies through Þingvellir. The longer way lies towards Selfoss but turns left shortly before you get there for road no. 37 which takes you to Laugarvatn, about 90 km.

Laugarvatn has since long ago been a settlement for education and a popular summer resort among Icelanders. Today the population of Laugarvatn is around 250 but the number doubles during the winter month when the students arrive.

In the Laugardalur valley is a big area of cottages, hence there is various opportunity for leisure, i.e. one of the countries best sports-hall together with a outside swimmingpool and a fantastic sports-ground. By the lake of Laugarvatn it is possible to rent boats and windsurfing boards. All around Laugarvatn you will find lots of good walking paths, a golfcourse and an opportunity for angling in rivers and lakes, rent horses etc.

The Laugarvatn Fontana Spa opened in july 2011. See

Laugarvatn is a very good place to stay for families with children and they are welcome at Gullkistan.

Steam Bread from Laugarvatn

5 cups rye
2 cups wheat
2 cups brown suger
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1 liter milk

All dry powder mixed together, stir in the milk slowly. Add oil in the box / form then put the mix in the form. Before putting the lid on put plastic film over the top end then the lid. In the end wrap a plastic film around the form several times and finally the plastic bag.

Dig a hole in to the warm sand, geothermal area, put the form in it and then fill up again with the sand. Make a mark on top of your pile of sand with a stone or flag. Leave for 24 hours.