Gullkistan Art Festivals

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Gullkistan Art Festival 1995

In 1995 we planned a festival of arts and other activities. The interest it aroused was unbelievable. More than 130 people took part, visual artists, musicians, poets and writers, theater people, historians and other scholars of different kinds, and so on. It was then evident that many people were eager to enjoy the special atmosphere of Laugarvatn for creative purposes. See catalogue.

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Gullkistan Art Festival 2005

In 2005 we planned another festival, even bigger than before. This time the arts and the academic fields mixed even more and acitivities were of great variety. Both these festivals were centered in a schoolbuilding that was built in 1929, Héraðsskólinn, but took place in many other buildings of the village and outdoors as well, even in a crosscountry hike around the lake as well as a climb up to the Gullkistan mountaintop. See catalogue